3 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Making money on the Internet is not a new concept, people keep learning How to Make Money Online and lots of people are doing it every day. However, making money from playing video games is a fast and new growing concept that is allowing a lot of professional and amateur gamers to make a living.

There are a lot of ways to make money playing video games but here are a few of my favorites.

Affiliate Sites

Affiliate sites are an ever fast and growing trend but right along with it is a growing trend of affiliate sites being created by spammers and people looking to make a quick buck. This has caused a lot of negative views on affiliate sites as people attempt to flood the ranking results with their sub-par or thrown-together pages.

However, there are still a lot of legitimate affiliate sites out there making money-learn “How To Make Money Fast”, even though many places are disallowing the use of affiliate links and hops, running a website is a good way to make money from video games for now.

The idea behind running a website is to attract traffic to it by providing high quality content on a video game and then presenting users with passive advertisements that do not interfere with the usability of the site and have people wanting to come back for more.

Affiliate sites usually run ads, accept paid links, or directly promote a product off a place such as Clickbank using an affiliate encoded url to get credit for the sale where they are paid a commission. Read more.

Product Creation

The other side to an affiliate site is being the creator of a virtual product.Virtual products for video games can range from strategy guides to manuals to anything specific in the game that is worth writing a “How To Make Money Fast” on.

Virtual products can be created and sold in many ways. The most common are places like Clickbank where they handle all the customers, checkouts, and pay out after their cut while the creator supplies the website, infrastructure, and security checks (if necessary).

Being a product creator can be a tough task, but also a rewarding one, as the responsibilities increases ten fold over that of an affiliate site. Affiliate sites will be selling the product that is created (if done right) and the product creator is left with dealing with customer support and more.


Either method of making money can have a positive impact on a person’snetworth, whether seeking a supplemental income for the month or going full-time, it’s all possible down either of these avenues.

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